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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

FOTD ft Mineral Maven

So I recently ordered from a company called Mineral Maven who once again I found on Facebook. So I did a look using some of their products:) 
                                                       Eyes: Coral (inner lid)
                                                                Mi Amore (outer lid)
                                                               Pretty Addictions Wicked (crease)
                                                               Mac Crystal Avalanche (highlight)

Review: Facebomb Cosmetics

So I had won a contest a while back and i got some products from Facebomb cosmetics. I going to be trying different layouts to see which would be the best way to do review so bare with me:)
Facbomb cosmetics sells mineral makeup and you can buy their products on! Their eyeshadows run $4 each and shipping in the U.S is 2.50 and .50 with another item. You can add her facebook for any specials going on.

Quality: The products are really good quality, the e/s are easy to blend, and the colors i recieved were very purrtyy and vibrant.
Shipping: The shipping was fast and none of the products werent ruined, they were well wrapped so that is always a plus.
Customer Service: The owner is really nice and if i had any questions she was able to answer them:)
Packaging: well the packaging want really anything special but since i got one eyeshadow and the rest was in baggies that she could have nice packaging if you order, but mine just had the name of the eyeshadow. Her business card was really cute with the logo on it though:)
Overall i recommend this company and really have no complaints. If you havent tried them out than you should give them a try!
These are the eyeshadows that i had received:)
Facebomb Cosmetics Fb page:
Facebomb Esty Page:

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

MOTD: Madd Style Cosmetics

Eyeshadows are from MSC which i found on facebook and love their colors. So i created this look with some of the colors i bought.
Eyes:  Taransula (lid)
               Ripple (crease)
               Acid Bath (lower lash line)

Cheeks: Mac Prism blush
Lips:  N.Y.C Flirty lipstick

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Review: HazelDoll Boutique

This is my review on hazeldoll boutique after i had the items for weeks now. I still do like some of the items i like. The items i did recieve when i was a promoter was 6 items of jewelry. 2 earrings (snake and leopard earrings) and 4 necklaces (lipstick, 2 brass knuckles, and a westcoast necklace). I like my earrings and lipstick necklace. I didnt like the brass knuckles neckalce and westcoast one. The gold brass knuckles necklace chain was too small seems like it was made for a little kid so i cant where it. both brass necklaces were really small and isnt worth for the price. the westcoast isnt my style at all that is why i dont like that one. i do like everything else, but the leopard stud earrings seemd like they are not as good quality since i piece of the back broke off. but my favorite are the snake earrings and lipstick necklace. It was fast shipping since she only lived 2 cities away from me. The packaging was good too. 

Quality: D
Shipping: A
Packaging: B
Product: D


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Giveaway Going On Now

Go check out this blog giveaway going on right now. She has amazing items she is giving away. Be sure to enter:)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Review: Longwear Lipsticks/ Lipstains

So I am going to do a review on longwear/ lip stains. I have 1 longwear lipstick and 2 lipstains. All of them are from MAC.
So the longwear which is called Perpetual and it is a red color. This is from MAC's prolongwear collection that is been out for awhile now and they are permanent colors. This is not a stain lipstick though so i have ate with it on and some of the lipstick did come off but my lips still looked like really pigmented with the color. Eventually you probably would have to reapply but I would recommend this for people with dry lips because its really smooth and creamy.Mac has other colors also. Below is a picture of what the longwear lipstick looks like. I really overall like the pro longwear lipsticks and they have so many other colors and for the people who dont like lipstains than this would be the next best thing for you.
So the next products I have are lipstains. The colors I have are Night Rose and Femme Forever. They are very similar colors. Night rose is like a pink mauve color and Femme Forever is like this shiny pink color.
Here are what the colors look like. Its in like a lipgloss tube but is dry like a lipstick and it also comes with either clear or glitter gloss if you want to add some shine to the color. So these lipstains will last ALL DAY long. If you are looking for a lipstick that you wont have to reapply than this is the lipstain for you. For me I personally dont like lipstains because i have dry lips so when i apply this than it drys it out more but lipstains are meant to dry your lips so the product can sync into your lips. I even tried to use makeup wipes and I had to really rub my lips to get the product off. This is a great product for the right person. I would not recommend this to people who have dry lips. They do have other colors if you do not like these colors and I do believe drugstore companies have lipstains also. Overall the product does exactly what it is suppose to do.
 First picture is using the Femme Forever Lipstain. Second Picture is me using Night Rose Lipstain
 Here is what they look on my hand next to each other Left: Femme Forever, Right: Night Rose
 The next picture is what the prolongwear looks like swatched.
Overall the products are very pigmented and depending on your preference the longwear or lipstain would be your best option especially when you want to go out on the town or to dinner without wanted to reapply your lipstick. I hope you all enjoyed this review. Feel Free to comment below if you have any comments or questions about these products.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Mac: Lipsticks

So I have always been in love in lipglosses and i just recently been into lipsticks. At first i didnt like lipsticks because you had to reapply and they felt dry to me. I am getting into lipsticks right now and the lipsticks I have are from mac. My favorite finishes are Cremesheen and Amplified. The lipstick that i use the most is Cremecup Lipstick. Here are pictures of my Mac lipstick collection.
So the lipsticks that I have are Up the Amp, Cremecup, Something New, Infused with Glam and Perpectual.
Something New Lipstick is a bright pink and that came out with the Stylishly Yours Collection so it was limited edition. And Perpectual which is the Red lipstick is from the Pro Longwear lipsticks which is suppose to last 8hours. It isnt a lipstain because the color does come off but it is so pigmented that you dont really need to reapply unless you rubbed it off.
I recently also back to mac Pink Noveau Lipstick that i really like. And i do also have Hibiscus lipstick from Surf baby.