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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Review: Facebomb Cosmetics

So I had won a contest a while back and i got some products from Facebomb cosmetics. I going to be trying different layouts to see which would be the best way to do review so bare with me:)
Facbomb cosmetics sells mineral makeup and you can buy their products on! Their eyeshadows run $4 each and shipping in the U.S is 2.50 and .50 with another item. You can add her facebook for any specials going on.

Quality: The products are really good quality, the e/s are easy to blend, and the colors i recieved were very purrtyy and vibrant.
Shipping: The shipping was fast and none of the products werent ruined, they were well wrapped so that is always a plus.
Customer Service: The owner is really nice and if i had any questions she was able to answer them:)
Packaging: well the packaging want really anything special but since i got one eyeshadow and the rest was in baggies that she could have nice packaging if you order, but mine just had the name of the eyeshadow. Her business card was really cute with the logo on it though:)
Overall i recommend this company and really have no complaints. If you havent tried them out than you should give them a try!
These are the eyeshadows that i had received:)
Facebomb Cosmetics Fb page:
Facebomb Esty Page:

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