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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Review: HazelDoll Boutique

This is my review on hazeldoll boutique after i had the items for weeks now. I still do like some of the items i like. The items i did recieve when i was a promoter was 6 items of jewelry. 2 earrings (snake and leopard earrings) and 4 necklaces (lipstick, 2 brass knuckles, and a westcoast necklace). I like my earrings and lipstick necklace. I didnt like the brass knuckles neckalce and westcoast one. The gold brass knuckles necklace chain was too small seems like it was made for a little kid so i cant where it. both brass necklaces were really small and isnt worth for the price. the westcoast isnt my style at all that is why i dont like that one. i do like everything else, but the leopard stud earrings seemd like they are not as good quality since i piece of the back broke off. but my favorite are the snake earrings and lipstick necklace. It was fast shipping since she only lived 2 cities away from me. The packaging was good too. 

Quality: D
Shipping: A
Packaging: B
Product: D


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