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Saturday, May 14, 2011

When I got into Makeup

So i am currently 19 years of age and i first started really getting into makeup when i was about 16years of age and now a have a good collection of makeup. Most of my makeup is MAC but i am venturing out and wanting to see what else is out there. My goal is to become a makeup artist and soon i will sign up to go to the makeup academy which i researched and just seems like a great school. they are located in los angeles and dublin. I basically got started because I wanted to be able to do makeup on myself and not have other people do makeup on me. My aunt was the one that got me into it. She just use to do her makeup pretty good and i wanted to be able to do mine that good. So i started practicing and i fell in love with it. The greatest thing for me is to get so many compliments on the looks i do from regular people to the artists from MAC. I have done makeup on friends before also and soon I will be able to create a makeup kit so i can do freelance makeup. This is blog is kinda just to get to know me a little better. I will be posting looks that i created, reviews, and tips!

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